Mission Statement

NOVA was created by its founders — Kenneth Carpenter, Keith Snyder, and Hugh Cox — to provide support and organization for the private bar representing veterans in their disability claims against VA. Their vision for NOVA was set forth in iMission Statementts early bylaws:

  • To develop through research, discussion, and the exchange of information a better understanding of federal veterans benefits law and procedure;
  • To develop and encourage high standards of service and representation for all persons seeking benefits through the federal veterans benefits system and in particular those seeking judicial review of denials of veterans benefits;
  • To conduct and cooperate in the conduct of courses of study for the benefit of its members and others desiring to represent persons seeking benefits through the federal veterans benefits system;
  • To provide opportunity for the exchange of experience and opinions through discussion, study, and publications; and
  • To do all and everything related to the above and in general to have all the powers conferred upon a corporation by the District of Columbia.