Board Approves Association Health and Business Insurance Program for Members

October, 2012

At the October 10, 2012 Board Meeting, NOVA’s leadership approved the selection of Association Health Programs (AHP) to administer insurance programs for the membership.  AHP offers health and business insurance programs, including health insurance, long-term care, life insurance, disability income, professional liability, business insurance, fiduciary coverage, and more.  As an added benefit of membership in NOVA, members may receive substantial reductions in their premiums.

AHP administers the health insurance needs of more than 300 national associations, representing 2.5 million people.  This huge block of buyers allows AHP to negotiate the lower premiums available.  AHP expects to save NOVA members substantial amounts on their premiums, so much so that many members will save more money on their premiums annually than the cost of their membership dues.

Of particular interest to NOVA members are the Lawyer’s Professional Liability and Business Insurance Program Benefits, including:

  • Average savings of 15 percent
  • Punitive damage coverage (as allowed)
  • Coverage as trustee, fiduciary, mediator, arbitrator, conservator, etc.
  • Coverage for Independent Contractors or Of Counsel attorneys
  • Security & Privacy breach (HIPAA, Confidential and similar information)
  • Severability of insureds (criminal acts and related)
  • Preferred rates and discounts
  • Specialty endorsements and enhancements
  • And much more!

AHP offers apples-to-apples policy comparisons to improve NOVA members’ insurance situations.  AHP stands behind your insurance protection 100 percent and uses every national “A”-rated carrier with access to every plan option.  You must obtain a comparison to see the value.

For more information or to sign up, contact Stuart Pase of AHP at Toll Free: (888) 450-3040 ext. 226 or at