Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is the purpose of NOVA’s new Health & Business Insurance Program?

Administered by Association Health Programs (AHP), this new program was designed to offer members a wide variety of insurance products at substantially reduced rates. Of particular interest to NOVA members, AHP offers Lawyer’s Professional Liability and Business Insurance Program Benefits. For more information or to sign up, contact Stuart Pase of AHP at Toll Free: (888) 450-3040, ext. 226 or at

+ Does NOVA host its own webinars and how can I find out about them?

Yes, NOVA hosts webinars on focused topics of VA law. Webinars are advertised on our website, in the Week in Review, as well as via e-mail blasts to our members. You can also purchase video recordings of past webinars on the NOVA website.

+ Does NOVA offer any scholarships to attend its conferences?

At this time, NOVA offers two different scholarships, the William G. Smith Scholarship and the Native American Advocate Scholarship. For more information, please contact Meghan Dunham, Conference & Membership Manager at (202) 587-5708,


+ Do I receive a discount on NOVA’s CLE training seminars as a member?

Reduced rates are provided to all members who attend NOVA’s CLE training seminars.

+ As a member, am I required to attend CLE training and, if so, how often?

Sustaining members are required to attend at least one NOVA conference every 24 months.

+ How often does NOVA hold continuing legal education (CLE) seminars?

NOVA holds CLE training seminars twice a year - one in the spring and one in the fall.

+ What type of training is available for new practitioners?

NOVA conferences feature a one-day Basic Session held prior to the general seminar.  NOVA also offers recordings of our previous New Practitioner Sessions from past seminars, geared specifically toward those just beginning a Veteran disability claim law practice.

+ What type of information is available on the NOVA Document Library (formerly the Wiki)?

The Document Library is a collection of veterans’ law materials containing VA Training Letters, Fast Letters, and C&P Service Bulletins; forms; and medical studies and resources. The Document Library is only available to NOVA members.

+ What is the Members Only Forum (formerly the Bulletin Board) and how do I access that area?

The Forums are a private area where members can ask questions of more experienced attorneys, share practice tips, and keep updated on new case law and VA regulations. The forums are only available to NOVA members and can be accessed on the Members-Only side of the NOVA Website.

+ Who do I contact to learn more about the Pro Bono Advocates Program?

In 2009, NOVA partnered with the Public Counsel Law Center’s Center for Veterans Advancement (CVA) to create the CVA/NOVA Pro Bono Advocates Program. The goal of the program is to fight homelessness among veterans by providing competent, pro bono representation before VA. For more information, please contact CVA Director and Program Manager Rick Little at (213) 385-2977, ext. 301 or go to

+ Can I use the NOVA logo on my advertising material or in my office?

Sustaining members are permitted to use NOVA’s name and logo on advertising, if it is permitted by your State Bar Association’s rule of ethics, to proudly show your dedication to meeting the highest standards in your practice of veteran’s law. You will receive a policy to follow in this regard.

+ Who can be listed on the NOVA Advocate Directory for veterans seeking help?

Only Renewing/Sustaining NOVA members are eligible for listing on the NOVA Advocate Directory.

+ Will I receive a discount on my membership if I refer a new member to NOVA?

Sustaining members who sponsor one new member will save $50 on their annual dues or $100 for those who sponsor two new members.


+ Who does NOVA have as presenters and speakers at its conferences?

Our conferences feature leading practitioners and experts on the VA claims process, always eager to share their extensive knowledge and practical experience. Guest speakers often include academics as well as top VA and CAVC leaders/insiders.

+ How does NOVA represent its members on Capitol Hill?

NOVA engages in a variety of activities to promote pro-veteran legislation and represent NOVA interests on the Hill and at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), including personal meetings with key decision makers in Congress, at the Court, and at VA. In addition, NOVA submits comments on changes in the VA Schedule of Rating Disabilities; files challenges to VA rulemaking at the Federal Circuit when such changes might harm veterans or their access to legal representation; files Amicus Briefs on behalf of claimants before the CAVC, the Federal Circuit, and the Supreme Court of the United States; and provides witness testimony before Congress.

+ Where is the location of NOVA’s main office?

NOVA is located at 1775 Eye Street, NW, Suite 1150 in downtown Washington, D.C.

+ How long has NOVA been in existence as a nonprofit?

NOVA was established in 1993 as a nonprofit educational membership organization to develop and encourage high standards of service and representation for all persons seeking benefits through the federal veterans’ benefits system.