HVAC and SVAC Introduce Appeals Reform Bills

On May 2, 2017, the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs held a hearing to address a discussion draft on appeals reform.  NOVA submitted a written statement, which you can review here.  The discussion draft was amended from the bill considered and passed by the House last session.  Two significant changes are the inclusion of effective date protection to court cases and the return of the requirements for an NOD to the current standards.

After the hearing, HVAC and SVAC both introduced bills (nearly identical) to implement appeals reform.  These bills continue the framework established in last year’s bills, with some additional features, particularly as noted above.

HVAC’s bill is H.R. 2288 and can be reviewed here.  SVAC’s bill is S. 1024 and, when uploaded, will be available here.  The legislation is being described as bicameral, bipartisan legislation.  HVAC’s press release is here; SVAC’s press release is here. The SVAC article contains a summary here.