Online NOVA Membership Renewal Now Available!

For faster service, try our newest website feature, ONLINE MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL! No forms are required and with just a few clicks, your membership renewal is done! To renew your membership online, please click HERE.

You’ll be brought through four steps to renew:

1- Your Information
2- Information About What and Where You Practice
3- Terms
4- Pay

Step 1: Your Information

This is where you specify which type of membership you’re renewing as in the very first drop down menu:

*Please pay careful attention to this item, this makes sure your membership role or type is appropriate with appropriate website access and dues payment.

Step 2: Information About What and Where You Practice

This helps us collect information about what our membership is practicing, where you are practicing, etc., so that we can better serve you and your needs. Additionally, for sustaining members, these details will be listed in your user profile in the public directory, where Veterans (and NOVA Staff alike!) go to refer veterans to our attorneys or agents.

Step 3: Terms

Please read this section carefully as terms and conditions have been updated for 2015. Here, you’ll find various rules, policies, and information regarding NOVA’s Forums and Document Library. Also included here are any membership terms specific to your level of membership. For example, Sustaining members must accept our Logo use policy – while general members must confirm they’re not accepting fees on their claims, thus qualifying for general membership.

Step 4: Pay

Input your billing information, click submit, and you’re DONE! Your membership is renewed. You should receive both a confirmation email and receipt from your transaction!


To renew your membership online, please click HERE.