NOVA Members Only Services

Below is a detailed list of the Members Only Services NOVA is proud to offer:

Week in Review ‐ Every Thursday, you receive the Week in Review via email and through the members only side of the website. The Week in Review is a compilation of news articles from across the country relating to veterans and veteran advocacy issues and concerns. NOVA has received rave reviews for this service, with some members indicating that they feel it is one of the most important resources that their membership provides. When you are logged into your account on the members only side of the website, just click the “Latest Week in Review” tab on the left!

Discount Rates on Comprehensive SemiAnnual Seminars & Training – The gold standard in veterans law training, NOVA’s seminars offer contemporary information on relevant topics provided by top‐notch speakers and presenters from the Department of Veterans Affairs, the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (CAVC), the Board of Veterans Appeals, the VA’s Office of General Counsel, and recognized experts in the field of VA law.  We also offer member rates for our popular Webinar training.

NOVA Attorney & Advocate Directory – Offered to Sustaining members ONLY, this website feature gives sustaining members the option to list their information on a public directory accessible by veterans who wish to contact highly trained professionals for help. You must opt-in to be included on this directory. To do so, log in to your member profile, edit your member information, and click off the box indicating that you would like your information included on the public directory. Again, this is only an option for sustaining members.

Health & Business Insurance Program – In the Fall of 2012, the NOVA Board approved a members‐only insurance program that we anticipate will reduce your insurance premium costs, hopefully more than the investment in your annual membership cost. NOVA’s leadership approved the selection of Association Health Programs (AHP) to administer insurance programs for the membership.  AHP offers health and business insurance programs, including health insurance, long-term care, life insurance, disability income, professional liability, business insurance, fiduciary coverage, and more.  As an added benefit of membership in NOVA, members may receive substantial reductions in their premiums.

AHP administers the health insurance needs of more than 300 national associations, representing 2.5 million people.  This huge block of buyers allows AHP to negotiate the lower premiums available.  AHP expects to save NOVA members substantial amounts on their premiums, so much so that many members will save more money on their premiums annually than the cost of their membership dues.

Of particular interest to NOVA members are the Lawyer’s Professional Liability and Business Insurance Program Benefits, including: average savings of 15 percent, punitive damage coverage (as allowed), coverage as trustee, fiduciary, mediator, arbitrator, conservator, etc., coverage for Independent Contractors or Of Counsel attorneys, Security & Privacy breach (HIPAA, Confidential and similar information), Severability of insured’s (criminal acts and related), preferred rates and discounts, specialty endorsements and enhancements, and much more!

AHP offers apples-to-apples policy comparisons to improve NOVA members’ insurance situations.  AHP stands behind your insurance protection 100 percent and uses every national “A”-rated carrier with access to every plan option.  You must obtain a comparison to see the value.

For more information or to sign up, contact Stuart Pase of AHP at Toll Free: (888) 450-3040 ext. 226 or at

Forums & Document Library – These online resources provide a great place to network with your fellow advocates and share personal advice and support, as well as contain a unique encyclopedia of veterans’ law.  Our Information Exchange forum brings NOVA members together to assist one another and share personal knowledge and experience.  Among our most popular is the Appellate News Forum, wherein expertise regarding updated information on cases that are relevant to you is shared.  We also offer a, Outreach, Regulatory, Legislative Information Forum, New Practitioner’s Forum, Law Office Practice Tips, and Writing Tips, which are widely used by members as well.  Since the website launch, we have continually implemented system changes based upon member feedback to make your online experience the best it can be.  (The NOVA Forums and Document Library policy is attached HERE for your review.)

NOVA Advertising Advantage – Sustaining members are permitted to use NOVA’s name and logo on advertising, if permitted by your State Bar Association’s rules of ethics, to proudly show your dedication to meeting the highest standards in your practice of veteran’s law.  (The NOVA policy is attached HERE for your review.)

Our increasingly visible Washington, D.C. presence is another valuable benefit of NOVA membership.  In the past few years, NOVA has been especially active with VA, Congress, and the courts.  NOVA staff and leadership routinely meet with representatives from VA, the CAVC, and the Senate or House regarding issues of concern to our members.  NOVA’s leadership also monitors the Federal Register and keeps a close eye on court cases to inform you of the impact these potential actions may have on your practice. NOVA monitors the Federal Register on a daily basis to see what new or proposed regulation changes are under consideration by the VA that may impact a veteran or veterans advocate.

NOVA is proud of our outstanding growth in the recent past.  NOVA membership continues to grow, increasing again within the last year. We hope that you will join us again.

NOVA conferences offer the opportunity for representatives from all facets of our field to come together to share their knowledge, exchange ideas, and inspire our future goals.  NOVA  programs increase the knowledge of attendees while offering them a unique networking experience.  We hope to see you at one of our upcoming conferences! To read more about our upcoming conferences, click HERE.

Your continued support and participation as a NOVA member are crucial to our long‐term success.  We cannot continue on our path of excellence, innovation, and visibility without your help, so it is vitally important that you renew your membership.