NOVA Delegation to Visit Evidence Intake Center on March 24

On February 4, 2015, NOVA leadership met with VA Director of Compensation Thomas Murphy and others to discuss various pressing issues of concern, among them – centralized mail. At that time, VA indicated its willingness to allow NOVA to tour an Evidence Intake Center (EIC) to get a firsthand look at the scanning process.

NOVA has accepted the VA’s invitation and will visit its new EIC facility in Newnan, Georgia outside of Atlanta on March 24. Taking part in the tour are NOVA Vice President Glenda Herl, Secretary Todd Wesche, Treasurer Matthew Hill, and Board Member Chris Attig.

As you know, in mid-summer, VA transitioned to a centralized mail system, whereby all disability compensation claims and supporting evidence received in paper form are now centrally scanned and converted into digital format at centralized sites. This conversion process also extracts important data and populates this data in the Veteran’s electronic folder (eFolder).

The NOVA delegation will travel to Atlanta the night before the EIC walkthrough, which begins at 9 a.m. the next day. This early start will enable the Board members to get a step-by-step view of exactly how evidence is processed through a centralized mail unit.

Upon their return, the delegates will report their findings to the entire Board of Directors, which will be shared with NOVA members through our newsletters. Ultimately, we hope this tour will allow us to provide more meaningful feedback to VA on the challenges we face as advocates using the system.

NOVA appreciates the VA’s invitation to participate in this unique experience. We are also very grateful for the dedicated members of the NOVA Board, who so eagerly agreed to volunteer their time and resources for this purpose.