NOVA Partners with Invictus Foundation to Aid Veterans

September, 2012

NOVA is proud to announce that it has partnered with the Invictus Foundation to help veterans attain the behavioral health benefits that there are entitled to.  The Invictus Foundation is a non-profit organization focused on behavioral health issues that affect our Nation’s military members, veterans, their families and families of the fallen that are important to local communities across the Country.  These problems include traumatic brain injury, mild traumatic brain injury, associated brain injury, suicide prevention, PTSD, alcohol abuse, substance abuse, domestic violence, relationship issues, military sexual trauma, community integration of rehabilitation and aftercare.

“We saw a natural fit with the goals and objectives of NOVA”, states Peter J. Whalen, Founder and CEO of the Invictus Foundation. Mr. Whalen believes there needs to be more awareness that there is an epidemic of disconnection that has led to an increasing distance between the small community of military members, veterans, their families and families of the fallen who have born the burden of war and American society in general. “This epidemic of disconnectedness is exacerbated when it takes the VA an average of four years to fully provide behavioral health benefits owed to veterans and often it takes weeks for a veteran with suicidal thoughts to get an initial appointment”, states Mr. Whalen.

The Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs have vital roles to play in improving this situation and are attempting to improve their point of service capability in providing behavioral health services. However, the fact remains that there are still enormous barriers to veterans in receiving the behavioral health benefits to which they are entitled.  “Sadly, our nation’s veterans continue to experience long delays in having their claims decided properly. The number of claims being processed by VA is approaching one million and its accuracy rate remains appalling to meet their needs”, states NOVA President Mike Viterna “The number of attorneys and agents accredited by VA has also increased over the past several years but, more than ever, so has the complexity of the injuries and the battlefield survival rate. In addition, the appeals have become very legalistic in terms of the ever‐changing law”.

NOVA is looking forward to working with the Invictus Foundation in pursuing our mutual goal of aiding veterans in receiving the care that they deserve.

For more information about the Invictus Foundation’s vision and mission, please visit their website at