NOVA Webinar – Plan for Profit – Set for March 4th

NOVA will hold its next webinar – Plan for Profit: How to Build a Viable Veterans Law Practice – on March 4, 2015 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time. Are you interested in representing Veterans but concerned about how long it may take to realize revenues? NOVA Board Member and Veterans Law Attorney Chris Attig will present his proven, personal approach to reaching profitability, sharing concepts and strategies that have led to his own success in this specialized area of practice.

Don’t let gloomy forecasts get in your way! You need not wait 3-5 years to reach your financial goals. This webinar will help you get there sooner. In addition to financial basics, Chris will cover the importance of setting a vision for profitability, how to make the best case selection decisions, formulas for calculating and projecting revenue and expenses, and other practical tips and pointers.

The Attig Law Firm has been representing veterans at all levels of the VA claims process since 2007. Joining NOVA in 2010, Chris has become a regular presenter at NOVA conferences. He has also instructed others through his popular Veterans Law Blog and his series of Veterans Law eBooks.

If you would like to represent Veterans and are looking for a solid plan of action, please don’t hesitate. Plan for Profit may be just what you need to get your practice on the right track! Please join us on March 4th to learn more about how to turn your vision for success into a reality.

To register for this webinar now, click HERE.