NOVA Welcomes Exhibitors to the 2017 Fall Conference in St. Pete Beach, FL

NOVA is pleased to welcome a stellar lineup of exhibitors to our 2017 Fall Conference at the TradeWinds Island Resort in St. Pete Beach, FL. We appreciate the support of these companies and hope you will take some time to visit their exhibits.

Attorney Consultant Inc/Disability Law Marketing
ACI/DLM is the nation’s leading consultant for small and medium sized law firms. ACI/DLM helps attorneys with every part of their practice from intake of new clients to keeping them satisfied when the case is over. ACI/DLM helps firms create business and marketing plans; improve intake and claim management; step in when crisis management is needed; handle their advertising and SEO needs; help in retirement planning and buying or selling of law firms.
CEO James Mitchell Brown, prior to selling his practice for health reasons in 2003, was bringing in about 220 new clients per month, managing the practice; taking hearings; doing jury trials and appellate work; taking care of the dissatisfied clients and everything else necessary to keep his firm running successfully.

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The Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims Bar Association
The CAVC Bar association was created to improve and facilitate the administration of justice in the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. Their goal is to provide information and services to the community for those individuals interested in facilitating justice for veterans. Members enjoy a wide variety of educational and networking opportunities, live video streaming of CAVC Bar Association events, a library of our Veterans’ Law Journal, and other materials useful to practitioners.

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Med Connect VA works exclusively with accredited attorneys and agents who represent Veteran Disability Claims. We provide board-certified, licensed Medical Experts in over 70 specialties. MedConnectVA serves veteran attorneys in two ways. First, by lowering risk by offering reasonable fixed prices for medical opinions regardless of specialty. And, their clients pay only 50% of the fixed price for a medical record review. If a nexus can't be formed and a report is not written, they will never be billed the second half of the fee.

MedConnectVA medical experts understand veteran concerns including toxic exposures from Camp Lejeune, Camp Pendleton, the Gulf War, Agent Orange, burn pits, asbestos exposures, etc., primary and secondary diseases including OSA, cancers, orthopedic chronic conditions, auto immune disorders, and much more.

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Mednick Associates
For over 25 years, Mednick Associates has provided Medical experts or litigators across the nation. They now offer the same network of distinguished, board certified and licensed specialists to Veteran Advocate Attorneys at low, fixed rates to help them support their veterans’ claims. The network of experts spans over 150 specialties, including experts for Camp Lejeune, Agent Orange, and other toxic claims, as well as a notable panel of psychologists and psychiatrist experts in PTSD and sleep disorders. Mednick Associates is a veteran-owned business.

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Leading Response
Leading Response has been a leader in online lead generation for the disability industry since 1999. With the high-quality leads, coupled with the state of the art lead management system, Leading Response enables firms to grow, sustain and run more efficiently.

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Lexis Nexis is a leading global provider of content and technology solutions that enable legal professionals to make informed decisions and achieve better outcomes. LexisNexis helps lawyers win cases for their clients, manage their work more efficiently, and grow their practices. They assist corporations to better understand their markets and prevent bribery and corruption within their supply chains.

LexisNexis aids universities in their efforts to help students become successful legal professionals, and support governments and courts by making laws accessible and strengthening legal infrastructures. LexisNexis helps collect evidence against war criminals and provide tools to combat human trafficking and endeavors to advance the rule of law across the world.

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Osen LLC
Osen LLC stands at the forefront of groundbreaking civil counter-terrorism litigation brought under the Anti-Terrorism Act (“ATA”) and the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act (“FSIA”). As part of that practice, the firm currently represent the families of more than one-hundred and fifty veterans who were killed or injured in Iraq between 2004 and 2011 as a result of Iranian-sponsored terrorism, and it is the leading firm litigating on behalf of families of fallen members of our armed forces and wounded veterans in federal courts under the ATA and FSIA.

The firm’s managing partner, Gary Osen, was lead trial counsel in the landmark Linde v. Arab Bank, Plc case, which resulted in the first, and still only, jury verdict against a financial institution under the ATA. Reuters described the trial as “proving that American lawyers will stop at nothing to establish…liability – surely a tribute to their doggedness and a solace to their clients.” For the firm’s work on that matter, several of its attorneys were named among Public Justice’s Trial Lawyers of the Year in 2016.

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Prevail Case Management Systems
Did you know that Prevail case management software is designed for VA cases and includes VA Forms, the VA Claims process with deadlines, and a specialized VA layout? Prevail helps attorneys, non-attorney advocates, and support staff to handle more cases in less time.
With Prevail, you can increase your firm’s level of efficiency by automating the things you already do on a regular basis. Prevail’s tools work together to enable you to better leverage your time, and to keep a watchful eye on everyday tasks as well as critical deadlines. Prevail software is backed by a team of in-house training and support experts who keep their clients’ success a top priority.

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Thomas Roughneen & Associates

Thomas Roughneen & Associates, Counselors at Law, LLC,  provides a full range of legal services to military members and Veterans, including Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES-Department of Defense disability pensions) Boards of Corrections for the Army, Navy, and Air Force, and misconduct matters.

Thomas Roughneen opened the practice after serving as an Army Capital Region PEB adjudicator and has been serving military members in private practice for six years and has been an Army Trial Defense Services (TDS) lawyer for 17 years.
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Vargas Vocational Consulting
Vargas Vocational Consulting was founded in 2000 and specializes in vocational assessments and expert testimony for litigation. With 17 consultants nationwide, VVC provides vocational services in the areas of Social Security Law, divorce litigation, personal injury, employment law, worker’s compensation, long term disability matters, and Veterans Disability Law.
VVC is uniquely qualified to assist in TDIU vocational opinions. As one of the largest providers of vocational services for Veterans opinions, VVC has years of experience and highly qualified staff who provide efficient, well-supported opinions.

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