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NOVA WEBINAR: How to Manage Your Growing Practice – Part IV in the Business Series

NOVA will hold its next webinar  How to Manage Your Growing Practice – on August 30, 2017 at 2PM ET. Many advocates new to VA practice take a “Field of Dreams” approach to growing their firm: “If you practice, veterans will come.”  Without a realistic marketing plan, you can find yourself with too many cases and clients.  It often takes three years to win your client’s case, and it is easy to end up with a docket of cases that limit your ability to grow your practice and experience.

In Installment #4 of the “New Practitioner Business Webinar Series,” Chris Attig will show you how to create a law firm marketing plan that will help you find the right clients and cases to build a successful law practice - on the shoe-string budget of a new VA law practice.

Attig | Steel, PLLC has represented veterans at all levels of the VA claims process since 2007. Joining NOVA in 2010, Chris has become a regular presenter at NOVA conferences, and serves on the Board of Directors.  He has also instructed Veterans in “DIY” claims preparation through his popular Veterans Law Blog and his series of Veterans Law eBooks and Training Videos.

Coming in 2018…..Part V in the Business Series: On-Boarding the Prospective Client - Building Efficient and Effective Consultation and Case Review Workflows.

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