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We are drawing near to the end of another year and it’s time for us to send out our annual membership dues notices. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to sincerely thank you for your support of NOVA over this past year.  We hope that you will renew your membership for 2014.  NOVA has made great strides in recent years and is widely known for the best programs in veterans’ advocacy. We continue to evolve by developing new services and benefits that we think add value to your work in this important field.  We strive to exceed your expectations.

Please renew your membership no later than January 31, 2014 to maintain unlimited access to our Members Only Forums, Document Library, and other NOVA services.

Remember to complete the 2014 Membership Application and return it with your payment.  Please note that the application form has changed and now enables you to provide additional information about your practice.  This new information will be used by NOVA staff to create a Members-Only Directory for members who wish to contact each other.  To be listed in this upcoming directory, you must fully complete the application.  The Members-Only Directory will NOT be available to the public. To access the 2014 Member Application/Renewal Form, please click HERE!

Our MEMBERS ONLY services include: Week in Review, Veterans’ Advocate Insider, Discount Rates on Comprehensive Semi‐Annual Seminars & Training, Directory of VA Regional Offices, NOVA Attorney & Advocate Directory, Health & Business Insurance Program,  Forums & Document Library, and  NOVA Advertising Advantage.


Our increasingly visible Washington, D.C. presence is another valuable benefit of NOVA membership.  In the past few years, NOVA has been especially active with VA, Congress, and the courts.  NOVA staff and leadership routinely meet with representatives from VA, the CAVC, and the Senate or House regarding issues of concern to our members. NOVA’s leadership also monitors the Federal Register and keeps a close eye on court cases to inform you of the impact these potential actions may have on your practice. NOVA monitors the Federal Register on a daily basis to see what new or proposed regulation changes are under consideration by VA that may impact a veteran or veterans advocate.  For example, presently there is a proposed regulation change to implement a Standardized Notice of Disagreement form, that all must use going forward.  NOVA’s committee and Board are now developing comments about this proposed change which will be submitted to VA prior to the implementation.

NOVA just concluded another successful conference in San Diego, where representatives from all facets of our field came together to share their knowledge, exchange ideas, and inspire our future goals.  NOVA delivered one of its best programs yet, increasing the knowledge of attendees while offering them a unique networking experience.  We hope to see you at our 2014 Conferences in Pittsburgh and Orlando!  A few years ago, NOVA implemented a policy whereby rates are reduced for firms bringing multiple attendees to the conference– that policy remains in effect today.

Your continued support and participation as a NOVA member are crucial to our long‐term success.  We cannot continue on our path of excellence, innovation, and visibility without your help, so it is vitally important that you renew your membership. NOVA is proud of our outstanding growth in the recent past.  NOVA membership continues to grow, increasing almost 22 percent within the last year.  We hope that you will join us again.

As a sustaining member, your dues are still only $400 per year (no dues increase AGAIN for 2014).  This annual cost is less than that of similar organizations, and we are proud that we have managed again not to raise your member fees.  In fact, NOVA has not raised member dues FOR OVER 10 YEARS, since 2003.  However, you can reduce it even further.  Sponsor one new member and save $50, or sponsor two and save $100. On your membership application/renewal form, page three asks you to list one or two names of new members to sponsor, to receive this discount. Also, your NOVA dues are 100% tax deductible, lending even more value to your NOVA membership!

In closing, NOVA would like to thank you for your dedication to the veterans’ community.  We know that what you do is vitally important to the lives of those who fought for our freedom.  I think it is easy to lose sight of this truth. Our veterans need your advocacy to help them reconstruct their lives and regain some hope for a brighter future.  NOVA stands ready to be your proud partner in this goal.


David F. Hobson
Executive Director

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To access our 2014 Membership Application/ Renewal Form, please click HERE. Please complete and send back to NOVA at your earliest convenience.You may do so by emailing Katy Andriano at kandriano@vetadvocates.org or Casey Guillory at cguillory@vetadvocates.org.

To read our 2014 Forums and Document Library policy, please click HERE.

To read our 2014 NOVA Rules, please click HERE.

For more information on NOVA's insurance program, please contact Stuart Pace at 888-450-3040 ext. 226, or email at stuart@associationpros.com.