VA Compensation and Pension Regulation Rewrite Project

November 27, 2013 - The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) wants to ensure that all Veterans, beneficiaries, and claimants have the opportunity to access their earned benefits.  This proposed rule is designed to provide an opportunity for public comment about how VA’s compensation and pension regulations can be made more logical, straightforward, and user-friendly for Veterans, their families, and their representatives.

Once final, these regulations will help Veterans, Veterans Service Organizations and VA adjudicators to better understand the benefits available, VA’s evidence requirements, and the claims process.

After many years of collaborative work between VA and Veterans Service Organizations (VSOs), the VA Compensation and Pension Regulation Rewrite Proposed Rule combines all previous iterations of the proposed rule and will be posted on the Federal Register ( starting November 27, 2013 for 120 days of public comment and review.

However, VA does not intend to publish a final rulemaking anytime soon, and will continue to revise the regulations in 38 CFR Part 3.

Complete PDF File.