Why Hire a NOVA Attorney/Agent

When contacting NOVA for assistance, veterans are referred to the NOVA Directory on our website, which provides a list of our sustaining members by State. To be listed in our directory, these attorneys and agents must meet certain practice and training requirements.

These members:

  • MUST be actively engaged in representing claimants pursuing VA benefits, and be accredited by the Department of Veterans Affairs and/or admitted to practice at the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.
  • MUST agree to comply with minimum standards of practice in representation of a veteran, including a thorough review of the veteran’s claims folder and timely filing and responses to all VA and Court designated timeframes for filings, pleadings, and motions.
  • MUST attend one Continuing Legal Education (CLE) course every 24 months, which is specific to veterans’ law, and certify to NOVA the confirmation of such attendance.

Each NOVA member operates independently, so there are different procedures regarding intake, screening, and acceptance of cases. Because of their legal training, experience, and focus on Veteran law, after a review of the veteran’s claim file, NOVA attorneys and agents know when a veteran’s claim(s) has merit.

As trained litigators, NOVA members assist veterans by obtaining vital military service records, military medical records, and independent medical opinions regarding veterans’ medical conditions. In cases where veterans have significant impairment, such as mental health conditions and brain injury, these attorney-provided services are essential in order to win the claim. In many instances, NOVA members’ representation of veterans results in significant changes in the case law, which improves the likelihood that future veterans will receive appropriate, prompt, and full disability compensation.

Attorneys and agents who attend NOVA’s semi-annual CLE seminars receive at least 24 hours of training each year by leading practitioners and experts who understand the latest developments in veterans’ benefits law. Our members are trained to assess a veteran’s case thoroughly and argue the facts and law relevant to the veteran’s case at every stage of the VA appellate process. NOVA members also have the support and advice of NOVA and its fellow members, who are available to consult on strategies and interpretation of ever-changing VA law.

Representation by a NOVA member is not a guarantee that you will prevail. But, professional appellate advocacy by a well-trained, experienced NOVA attorney or agent ensures that you will have an advocate who knows veterans’ benefits law. Our members hold VA accountable by making sure that the Department applies its laws and regulations relevant to your case correctly.

Congress intended VA to be a veteran-friendly benefits system. Unfortunately, VA has often subverted that intent. Veterans (and their beneficiaries) with VA appeals need and deserve a professional advocate who knows the law to navigate a complicated bureaucracy. Hiring a professional veterans law practitioner is definitely your best option for obtaining the benefits you or your loved one earned while serving and defending our country.