Writs Webinar: Because Sometimes You Need the Courts to Tell the RO to Do Its Job – BUY NOW!

Presenter: Robert Chisholm
Host: Matthew Hill

This webinar took place on February 7th, 2013.  The video is available for purchase below.

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Petitioning the Veterans Court for a writ of mandamus can be a highly effective way to light a fire under the VA in a claim or appeal that is stagnating at a regional office. But this weapon-of-last resort is often overlooked, occasionally misused, and frequently misunderstood. This webinar, hosted by NOVA Treasurer Matthew Hill and presented by veterans' law expert and former NOVA president Robert Chisholm, will explain how and when to submit a proper petition to maximize results.

Mr. Chisholm will cover the following topics during the webinar:

  •   Circumstances in which a writ might apply
  •   Exhaustion of administrative remedies
  •   Applicable court rules
  •   Proper pleading
  •   Outcomes to expect
  •   Relevant case law

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Writs:Because Sometimes You Need the Courts to Tell the RO to Do Its Job
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